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The pictures on this page were taken with a stereo camera.  A number of companies made stereo cameras but the most popular was the Kodak 35mm Stereo camera.  This camera, pictured below, was made by Kodak from 1954 to 1959.  The camera would take 28 pairs of pictures (56 exposures) on a 36 exposure roll of film.  A stereoscopic viewer was required to view the slides.

The pictures aren't in very good condition.  I don't think the stereo cameras took good pictures to begin with.  Some of the pictures look like duplicates because I scanned both slides trying to get the best picture.

Based on the content of these pictures, I am assuming that John Bastian owned the camera since the subjects are mostly O'Connors and John (like me) was a known gadget freak.

35mm Kodak stereo camera

Stereoscopic viewer

Stereoscopic slide

Remember the electric golf carts at Glendale CC?

The driver would sit on the seat in back and the passengers would sit on the bench in front.

Who's house was this?

Notice how they have the candles in front of them for the 3-D effect.

Now we know where they went at night.

Grandma is holding a butt!

Cool dog

"Dear Mr. O'Connor, I want to marry your daughter."

Aaaahhhhh !!!


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